About Me:

☘ Jay Eaton | 29 | they/them ☘

I'm a digital artist with an academic background in ecology and evolutionary biology from the Pacific North West of the USA. Currently, I'm working on a hard science fiction graphic novel called Runaway to the Stars for Iron Circus Comics, which you can read on its website! On hiatus I have an alien survival drama called Terranaut, which can be read over on Patreon. I have also published a short comic story called Airsled about flying aliens launching a live-stock drawn cargo plane, and I co-edit and contribute to Almost Real: a Speculative Biology Zine, an annual anthology. I stream art most Friday PST afternoons on Twitch.

You can find my published works for purchase in my store, and you can support my work and gain access to even more of my comics, animations, W.I.P.s, and etc through my Patreon. I do this for a living, so support from ~viewers like you~ is what allows me to spend so much time creating!

This website is generally SFW except for swearing, occasional discussion of reproduction and sexual culture, and mild sexual references. Links to NSFW pages are marked by tooltips with dotted underlinesSpecific content warnings can be found here.. I would rate my website 16+ if that was really a thing, but like... I'm not your dad, expose yourself to what you're comfortable with.

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For business inquiries please contact me via emails. For inquires related to my store, merchandise, or orders; please contact me via the store email. Please read my F.A.Q. before sending me general questions, but keep in mind that I cannot guarantee responses to every inquiry I receive about worldbuilding and character design.

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