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This Character "Ask Me Anything" was a Patreon goal! From September 10th to 11th 2021, people sent me tumblr asks directed at specific characters from Runaway to the Stars and I responded to as many of them as I physically could with short lineart comics.

Anonymous asked: Question for Gillie: Why do you dye your hair?

Gillie’s a white cat pretending to be a ginger 😏

ari-nemera asked: Ok here's one- Talita! How did you manage human classes and social situations once you became too tall to stand in human buildings? D-did you have to crawl? 😬

She’s “only” 5 foot 3 at the rear shoulder, so she fits under most human door frames.

Anonymous asked: Question for Bip! If you were to create a fursona, what kind of creature would they be?

If they picked an Earth animal, it would be a planarian flatworm.

chronosabyss asked: I've been wondering for a while, is there an reason tailed spacers were engineered to have larger ears? The better to hear you with in the vacuum of space?

This technically isn’t an AMA but I’ve been asked a couple times now. The in-universe reason for the large ears on tailer GMH is that it’s cute.

Anonymous asked: Question for Talita: If you could just... Magically, become a perfectly healthy human, for the rest of your life, with no going back to being a centaur, would you?

She’s being evasive.

Anonymous asked: Question for Bip: ... your old crew died due to the damage, didn’t they? Do you miss them? Are you grieving? Is that part of why you chose Talita- because she’s familiar, a centaur?

Sure, Bip.

toothedmammal asked: Question for Idrisah: What made you decide to become a xeno-interpreter?

The real answer is it’s because she’s a GIANT NERD

Anonymous asked: Shyam, why did you leave microgravity to live on planet?

There’s something nice about being part of a bigger system.

theceaselesshunger asked: Hey Talita, what do you for fun/time killing?

Talita spends most of her time making/repairing things and learning how to make/repair things.

Anonymous asked: I know the avians aren't getting a lot of love in the AMA so here goes a question. This question is for Turii. Is there anything that trips you up about humans or just weirds you out? Physically, culturally or just in general?

In case you forgot, Turii’s basically a trustfund frat boy.

honorarycassowary asked: Question for Pinky and/or Brownie: what do you do? (Either as a job or a hobby)

BFGC = Bug Ferret Galactic Community (Jovian/Martian English term). Bug ferret politics are like a bureaucracy Matryoshka doll and the BFGC is the outermost layer.

clovekat asked: For Talita and Shyam: What is your favorite thing about each other?

Shyam isn’t into arbitrary rankings.

Scoliwings asked: Gillie! Do you have any friends from the deaf community you're in, are there any deaf aliens that you know and converse with? What is it like being a deafie in space?

HoH=Hard of Hearing and Capital D Deaf=culturally Deaf as opposed to just the physiological condition, for people who aren’t familiar.

Anonymous asked: Question for Bip: how’d you get into the pirate biz?

They were mostly involved in smuggling goods.

jennywolfgal asked: Hey Chkbrr, what's been some of the most troublesome local fauna in the desert of that alien world you and your crew encountered?

Chkbrr has issues with respecting authority, even when the authority can gore them.

vivithedragon asked: I don't know if asks are still open ( different time zone) But did Taltia have a phase of trying to be bipedal?

Talita’s hips and hind legs aren’t really built to support 750 kilos alone.

Anonymous asked: Bip, what was the biggest crime/heist you managed to pull off.

Bragging is how you get caught.

Anonymous asked: Question for Shyam (and/or Talita, or anyone really), do you ever stim? Do any of the other aliens ever stim, or do something that resembles it?

Shyam wouldn’t know, but bug ferrets are probably the most prone to stim behaviors of any of the aliens. They have a hard time sitting still.

Anonymous asked: Sirawit, what was your childhood like?

Sirawit’s character has had a lot of changes recently that I haven’t posted about. They are also now a flightless avian/skimmer avian hybrid.

Anonymous asked: do you think a reverse talita situation, where a human kid was raised by aliens, could happen? what would the results look like?

Not an AMA ask, but while I’m revealing new Sirawit lore…

Anonymous asked: Question for Gillie and Idrisah: who proposed?? How did that go?

They’ve known each other since they were kids.

Anonymous asked: Question for Idrisah and Gillie: What did you think when you first met Talita?

Talita’s personality is usually unexpected.

ambrosetv asked: hey gillie, does eating chocolate cause issues for you at all as a GMH?

Among other gastrointestinal problems. Gillie’s physiology is a mess.

Anonymous asked: question for Talita: what got you interested in Rocket Science?

She likes to know how things work.