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This Character "Ask Me Anything" was a Patreon goal! From April 1st to 2nd 2023, people sent me tumblr asks directed at specific characters from Runaway to the Stars and I responded to as many of them as I physically could with short lineart comics. It took me until July to complete them this time because I was simultaneously working on book pages.

CasualHoosier asked: Talita, I noticed that you have some rather lovely custom dresses. Where’d you learn to sew, and how did you adapt to the practice?

She also fixes her own clothes and shoes, so really the only thing she’s not confident doing is fashion design…

Anonymous asked: Shyam/Gillie, how hard is it to find clothing for you specific anatomy of gmh in general and do you know what’s the hardest to come across even if it personally doesn’t apply to you?

That’s 3.6 feet, for the imperial units crowd.

BAAAA-KING asked: Talita, how would you feel if your antlers stopped growing? and can you like, braid your fur??? would you let anyone braid your fur????

Talita’s got “horsefeathers.”

Anonyomous asked: Turii, What are avian clubs/bars like?

Something about "environmental damage" and "city shadow stunting crops" and "poor worker conditions" and "local economy disruption." You know, that kind of dumb stuff.

planetixn asked: Turii, are you more conservative or progressive (from Earth standards)?

They're like, kind of above it all. You people who love shouting at each other about policy wouldn't understand.

honorarycassowary asked: Cheevwut and Ohwihtiil: why do you keep hooking up?

These two are minor characters in the book I'm currently working on. Ohwitiil is Cheevwut's elderly manager, and the two often pair in spring, despite their clashing personalities.

Anonymous asked:Sirawit, why do you still choose to cover up so much even on the Runaway where there are no other Avians around to judge?

Interacting with the cultural decency standards of aliens doesn't necessarily make the ones you grew up with less meaningful.

twomothsholdinghands asked:Guiomar, may I have an example of an interspecies accommodation case you’ve worked on? How have accommodation and work safety regulations shifted from pre-contact earth to account for gmh and nonhuman employees?

Standing upright, Guiomar is 274 cm tall (almost 9 feet).

Anonymous asked: For Idrisah and Gillie: Avians can be pretty homophobic, right? So do you ever have any trouble with them when they see that you’re in a same sex relationship? Like refusing to hire you or something? Or do they not care?

Year-round relationships are weird for all avians. "Contractual" monogamy with financial dependence (or co-dependence) is legally a form of prostitution in the Dominion of Tiiliit.

Anonymous asked: Talita, as someone interested in Aerospace, what’s the most common method of getting from orbit to a planets surface when there’s atmosphere to deal with?

The bigger the budget, the harder they fall.

Anonymous asked:Question for Talita, Idrisah, or Shyam: do any of you have a favorite music/musical genre and if so, what is it? Or what kind of music do you generally listen to?

She finds it distracting.

Anonymous asked: Bip, do YOU have a music preference? :)

Another eccentric A.I. form of... music? Temporal decoration? Is huge files of recursive self-deleting code they repeatedly download for the apparent aesthetic entertainment value.

fruitycasket asked: Question for Bip: What languages can you speak?

You might as well ask how many languages Windows operating system speaks. For A.I., language fluency is mostly limited by the availability and quality of downloadable language programs, and internet connection. Although, unlike an OS, A.I. will dynamically edit and add languages they encounter with insufficient online resources.

NerdCuddles asked: Shyam, how good of a cuddler is Talita? And Talita, how good is Shyam as a cuddler?

These two are like if a bungee cord and a weighed blanket were dating each other.

Anonymous asked: Hey Sirawit, it’s so sad that Steve Jobs died of ligma.

Don’t you FUCKING dare.

styrofoamSkillet asked: Question for Maulu: have you ever encountered a clan historian who was enthusiastic about digitizing their library? Or have all of them been similar to Wintle-Layliv’s reaction?

Technology adoption is a very controversial topic among homeworld centaurs, and the concern of people like Wintle-Layliv is that their cultural identity will be replaced by what aliens would prefer they be.

Also, Maulu is drawn as ≈20 y.o. here, but is like 8 when the main RttS story is happening. These AMAs take place outside time, don’t worry about it.

Anonymous asked: Sirawit, can you drive? What do avian cars look like?

Large motorized vehicles are kind of rare in space habitats, which bias towards rail transit. Private cars are more of an on-planet or rural thing. None of the space-dwelling characters in this story have driven a car before, and would probably find such a responsibility frightening.

Anonymous asked: For Chkbrr and Rzzt-tt: If you didn’t have your current occupations, where do you think you would be?

Chkbrr had a rough adolescence, and getting into terrestrial botany gave them an outlet for their impulsive thrill-seeking urges that didn’t involve clashing with local authorities and the adults of their parent’s household.

Anonymous asked: Gillie, how close are you with your family?

Gillie had a pretty lonely childhood, and her dads being work-at-home introverts didn’t help. She didn’t realize her social needs weren’t being met until she moved out for college and she was in contact with way more ASL speakers.

Anonymous asked: Question for Gillie: Have you ever had complicated feelings about having your DNA altered before birth by someone else’s decision?

Catgirls (and similar) are a popular choice for GMH designer babies. The common conception is that because “only” the ears and tail are effected, it’s a low risk aesthetic change.

viva-la-topknot asked: Question for Shyam: What's your favorite way to recover from a meltdown? How about your go to self care?

Shyam is easily overwhelmed by social situations and tends to be very hard on herself for being slow to pick up on non-verbal cues. She’s kind of a loner because of this.

Anonymous asked: Shyam, is there anything you miss about living in space?

In case it wasn’t clear, Shyam is in a long distance relationship with Talita. She is not a crew member of the Runaway, Talita visits when they’re docked at Naya Pradesh.

Anonymous asked: Who is the best artist?

I don’t think any of the characters would self-identify as “artists” but Gillie is by far the most prolific doodler. (Gillie artwork drawn by the superbly talented @dimetrodone.)

Voxelfrogs asked: Pinkie and Brownie, I really loved seeing what TV is like for bug ferrets! Do you have any other forms of entertainment you enjoy (music, books, comics, games, plays, etc?)

BFL-2 writing is read down-up right-left, both vertically and horizontally.

Anonymous asked: Shyam, and Idrisah/Gillie: you all met Talita before each other, right? What were your first impressions of each other?

It didn’t help their animosity that they thought Shyam was awkwardly ignoring Talita’s obvious crush, when actually, Shyam’s terrible at reading people and was politely assuming her feelings for the giant hexapodal space alien weren’t reciprocated.

Anonymous asked: QAnonymous asked: Talita, did you ever get sick growing up? Or did growing up surrounded by different species spare you from that trouble?

Dr. Zhou was a human pediatrician who only had some xenomedicine experience with avians, but there were no other local xenophysicians in the Garriton cylinder when Talita was surrendered to human foster care. They're a deertaur GMH and their first reaction to colleagues redirecting Talita's case to them was "you know i dont know how to take care of this thing just because we have the same number of limbs, right?"

Anonymous asked: Talita: Have you had any luck dating? (before you met Shyam obviously)

Talita had a handful of relationships and flings with humans in college. None of them stuck, for a wide variety of reasons. Most humans seeking relationships with her have been looking for novelty. Talita doesn't want to feel like a novelty, she wants to feel normal.

MoonFanged asked: Brownie and Pinkie, what were your childhoods like? What’s your relationships with your parents and twins?

Growling is a distressed noise for bug ferrets, not an aggressive signal.

Anonymous asked:Question for Douglas, did Talita have any difficulties interacting with human children when she was baby/toddler aged?

By the time she entered the public school system, she had mostly gotten the hang of it.

knocking-on-peoples-non-doors asked: Question for Idrisah: do you have a favourite sport or do you prefer working out for the sake of it (i.e. running, using gym equipment)?

The cylinder district Idrisah grew up in has a circumference of about 19 kilometers.

doggoswoofwoof asked: Question for Douglas: could you tell us about your cat?

Giant housecats are a fairly common GMO pet and come in a variety of domestic, wildcat, and fantasy coat patterns. Feijoada is black and tan like a Dobermann dog.

Anonymous asked: Sirawit! How did you get into the service industry?

In the main story timeline, Sirawit is introduced working for Turii and is then hired by the Runaway crew to do supply management. Also, 14 years is adulthood for avians. Sirawit is 17 Earth years old but that’s equivalent to 25 for a human.

Anonymous asked: Sirawit, how do you feel about working for Turii?

Sirawit, are you— are you sure that’s a GOOD thing?

RJ asked: Hi there Idrisah!! Are there any interesting linguistic features of Tiiliitian and/or similarities between it and human languages?

The relative positions of authority mostly applies to proper nouns, like people, nations, cities, and organizations. You could start a war by using the wrong tone in your articles.

Anonymous asked: Gillie, what’s it like working with bug ferrets? It seems like their extroversion and culture can be intimidating to the other sophonts sometimes.

Gillie finds it more exhilarating than overwhelming. She’s had more than her fair share of being left out of conversations.

Anonymous asked: Anonymous asked: Bip, have you ever tried to communicate with Gillie through sign language? Or just text? If so, what would your little avatar signing look like? Also you’re adorable, and if you had a physical form I would give it a pat.

Gillie looooves it! (She does not)

Anonymous asked: Idrisah, what could be considered the most well know planet with life that doesn’t have a sophont?

There’s also a handful of planets that show evidence of having had life in their past, but it went extinct after planetary conditions became too harsh to sustain it.

Anonymous asked: Hey Gillie, how do you and Sirawit talk to one another? Avian hands don’t exactly have the right number of fingers for human sign language, so do you guys pass notes, or have you made up your own thing for communication?

I swear Gillie and Bip actually like each other, they just express this via mutual bullying.

Anonymous asked: Ramadan Kareem, Idrisah!! How do you and your family celebrate Ramadan in the space station? Do you invite your friends over for iftar?

No mooching allowed!

Anonymous asked: Pinkie and Brownie, do you have a favorite myth/legend/cultural story? If so what is it?

This religious belief has lead to bug ferrets investing deeply in terraforming and interstellar wormhole technology. They have a much, much larger territory than other sophonts.

NervaXe asked: Bip, what does your day-to-day look like? What kinds of things (if any) are you responsible for on the Runaway?

Bip actually answers a question, for once! Having someone who doesn’t need to sleep fly the spaceship and watch out for potential collisions is pretty useful.

Anonymous asked: Bip, what type of things do you do in your spare time? Y'know, hobbies and such.

What’s a spaceship if not a very elaborate wildlife habitat?