Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Centaur Hexapodal Gaits (W.I.P.)

I wanted to work on these more but my computer mysteriously ate all the files and I had to recover the gifs from a Patreon post. I don’t feel like scrubbing through the gifs frame by frame and tracing them to complete the animations, so, welp. Maybe later.

Centaur aliens from Runaway to the Stars usually walk on their four hind legs (hence why they’re often called centaurs by Jovian English speakers), but hexapodal gaits come just as easily to them, and are generally preferred for faster movement. In order: a six-legged sprint, alternating tripods trot, and ‘rolling’ walk. Alternating tripods can also be a walk if you remove the airtime and decrease the stride length. There’s a LOT of possible gaits for hexapodal motion. This is just a few of the more natural ones.