Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Miscellaneous RttS Animations

The first animation I did trying out the feature in Clip Studio Paint. It had been a long time since the last time I had animated anything, but people had asked me about what Talita looked like speaking with her trunk. I was too intimidated to try including her glasses.

The way she grips her neck is an anxious tic, not anything related to speech. All of her vocal equipment is in her trunk, skull, and on the back of her neck.


Cheevwut the avian alien gets a text. Avian aliens have sphincter eyelids. I made this try out colored animation with layers.


Smooch :^)

A try at colored animation with colored lines. Very pretty, probably too much work.


Compared to a human arm centaurs have an extra segment, and like the ulna and radius of a human arm, both of these segments can twist by crossing a pair of bones. I get a lot of questions about centaur flexibility, I think people have difficulty imagining it from still images. While a centaur's foreshoulder joint is stiffer than a human's ball-and-socket, their lower arms and spine are much more flexible than ours. They can easily touch most of their body besides the middle of their upper back.


Made this while bemoaning my lack of time to animate while working on the book. Talita's design got a lot more refined since my first attempt and also I got a lot better at retating her head. I don't know what she's reacting to, you'll have to use your imagination.