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Shyam Hand Flapping (AUDIO)

Shyam’s brain is compelled to stim, Talita’s brain is compelled to track small rapidly moving objects.

I’m never doing 35 seconds of mostly lipsync again. I had to record a VO to get it done, but now the video feels empty without it, so enjoy my cringe amateur voice acting. I don’t claim to be the canon voices of either of these characters, this is just my best shot at them.

Technically Shyam's voice would be lower, and Talita's voice should. I don't know. Be handled by a better audio editor... centaur voices are unusually high pitched for their size, because the entire vocal apparatus is in their head. Shyam's voice is low tenor-ish because she went through a unisex puberty, and testosterone usually wins in the voice department. Her accent is from her bilingual Hindi/English upbringing in the Naya Pradesh orbital station.