Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Talita Walk Cycle

Talita kind of looks like a horse but she doesn’t really move like one (nor does she breathe like one, check out the moving valves on the incurrent and excurrent nostrils).

Putting her in tight tanktop feels a little egregious but it does a better job of showing off how she's put together... the largest muscle group on a cantaur's body is the one that pull back the midlegs, the main engine of their hexapodal run cycle. Her foretorso looks more heavy and unbalanced than it actually is; it's mostly airway and sinuses. At a slow pace like this she also stabilizes her head like bird; though unlike birds centaurs don't bob their heads with each step. They don't have the neck flexibility for it.

For scale reference: Shyam is 144 cm, Talita is 3 meters tall. Shyam has to take about 3.5 steps for every step Talita takes!