Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

A Fly in the Runaway


Idrisah is dysfunctionally compassionate, Talita likes being helpful, and Gillie has a big gamer chair.

In this comic the Runaway is experiencing accelerative thrust "gravity," but when the ship isn't burning the engines, it's 0g. Because the ceilings are so tall, the rooms actually feel much larger without gravity... a lot of stuff is strapped to the walls and ceiling because it's great storage space and easily accessible while not traveling. The gamer chair has to be on a leash.

Small pests are actually a fairly common problem in spacecraft. Eggs/insects, agricultural pathogens, weed seeds, and even rodents can hitch a ride on shipments of organic material between planets and space. UV sterilization on non-living imports and quarantine regulations help, but pests can be hard to fully eliminate from larger stations and ships.