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Makeup (Inktober 2022)

Originally drawn for Inktober 2022, days 4, 7, and 8 respectively. I hope everyone appreciates that the makeover victim in this scenario puts her glasses back on at the end of it.

Rough ASL translation:

Page 1:

Panel 2:
Gillie: "Ok?"
Talita: 👍

Panel 5:
Gillie: "[What] color?"
Talita: "Green!"

Page 2:

Panel 4:
Gillie: "Which [lips]?"
Talita: "Whatever/whichever."

Panel 6:
Gillie: "[You're] blushing!" (last half of the sign for blush is shown)

I am not fluent so some of this may be inaccurate, correct me if I got something wrong! I made the last half of the comic silent since it's mostly from Gillie's perspective 🐱