Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

UV Freckles

Originally drawn 10/13/19

I was thinking about interspecies relationships in RttS, and also how avians can see in UV, and also that many people have freckles that are only visible in UV (because they absorb it– they’re visible by being less UV colored than the rest of your face, if that makes any sense).

Avian and human relationships, if long lasting, are usually seasonal. It’s because avians are only interested in romance for a few months a year and their society and social lives are not usually set up to live with partners in the long term. “Three month stands” with other species (followed by their classic sexual guilt) are the most common form of avian interspecies flings, but if the participants remain close friends outside of that, partnerships can form.

These two are Jing, Sirawit's adoptive human dad, and one of his seasonal partners.