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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sol in the human home system, and it has many different nations, states, and a rocky history. It is the first exoplanet colonized by humans and has been partially terraformed with the help of bug ferret technology. Previously dry and frozen with a core too dead to provide much in the way of stellar radiation protection, Mars now has a large northern ocean, a cold temperate climate, and an artificially magnified magnetic field. The wild atmosphere is not densely oxygenated enough for a human to breathe sustainably, but it has been augmented with redirected comet collisions, which have also fed the polar ocean. Life on the surface of Mars is mostly limited to lichens, algae, bacteria, and some hardy nematodes.

Mars has a large space elevator attached to Phobos that provides most of the ground-to-orbit transport for the planet. It also has a wormhole gate positioned at its L5 point.


Martian Free States

Formally a colony of the U.S.A., broke away during the Second American Civil War to become the United Martian States. The U.M.S. was dissolved after WW3 and became the modern Martian Free States. It is a libertarian capitalist state and shares a border with the now UN-controlled elevator hub city. Most of the Valles Marineris is situated in their territory.

Socialist Republic of Mars

Also formerly a colony of the U.S.A., and was part of the U.M.S. during WW3. The U.M.S. splintered towards the end of the war during worker rebellion and revolutionary-claimed Valley territory became the Socialist Republic of Mars in the aftermath of the WW3. They shared a border with the space elevator hub city.

Olympus Province

Province of the People's Republic of China.

Olympus Disputed Territories

Rebel libertarian socialist territories that broke away from China during WW3. Their fiercely defended region actually contains the iconic Olympus Mons, but also contains a lot of internal strife and disagreement between factions about the future of the territory.

Hellas Conglomerate

United Nations controlled neutral region, has activity and settlements helmed by a variety of Earth's nations and corporations. Wealthier participants tend to mysteriously get more land and more lenience.

Utopian Conglomerate

A region of micronations and independent Martian settlements that mostly violently reject Terran settlement. Is prone to internal struggles and territorial squabbles.

Porto de Oxia Palus

State of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Arsiya Pradesh

Province of the Republic of India.