Nexus Jovia

Position: high orbit of Jupiter
Population: 89 million, human majority
Governing Body: Jovia

Nexus Jovia is a sprawling space station megacity in orbit of Jupiter and the capital city of Jovia, a human space polity spread throughout most of the outer Sol system. The city is composed of several dozen separate rotating cylinder and sphere habitats, referred to as districts. Idrisah, Gillie, and Talita all grew up there, Talita in the the Garriton District and Idrisah and Gillie in the Barlowe District. The district in which most of the govermental and administrative functions take place is the Capital Ball, a spherical habitat.

Since the sun is too far away to provide a meaningful amount of energy, Nexus Jovia gets most of its power from tethers that extend out into Jupiter’s beefy electromagnetic field. The spokes of the cylinder are part of the transportation system, and have cars that use inertia to take passengers from one side of the cylinder to the other.