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Centaur Homeplanet


Axial tilt: 51 degrees
Gravity: 0.85g
Average temperature:
Position from star: first

The centaur homeplanet has a 51 degree axial tilt, meaning that during the Northern winter, the South pole bakes, and vice versa. Most of the settled regions are in the equatorial sweet spot where the sunlight is always oblique, but it's not tundra half the year and nightless desert for the other half. Enormous mountian ranges, taller than most on Earth, divide much of the continent's interior. These ranges are impassible to much of the planet's life, because the air further up their slopes is too thin to breathe.

The recently formed megacontinent forms a continuous loop around the globe, and nomadic groups generally walk entire the loop every year. Nightchasers are the groups that follow the planet's winters, entering the polar areas during their spring seasons. Sunchasers follow the planet's summers, entering the polar areas during their autumn. The nomads mostly travel along the East Ocean's coast, so that's where the most geneflow happens in the settled groups.

Ethnic Map:

Most of these names are derived from the names that the Shess call the other ethnic groups, since that's where the majority of alien embassies are on the centaur homeplanet and thus where most of the Jovian English loanwords come from. Note that the ethnic regions are not the same as political regions-- because of the clan family system centaur polities are not divided up the same way human polities are, but each of these regions contain many political entities (plenty of whom do not agree with each other)

The majority of centaurs living in space are from the nomadic ethnicities. The Shess call them Skychasers.

Flora and Fauna: