Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Stories in the RttS Universe:

Runaway to the Stars:

Talita, Gillie, and Idrisah running in a panic. Talita is holding a blueprint, Gillie is signing 'rocket' in ASL, and Idrisah is holding a stack of papers that are falling out of her grasp. In the background, the habitat dome of Dirtball is visible with the Runaway spacecraft launching behind it.

The main storyline. Follows Talita, a centaur aerospace engineer and cross-species foster kid.

Talita and her two human friends, Idrisah and Gillie, are working at a dead-end recycling plant in the middle of nowhere. In one of the spacecraft in line to be scrapped, Talita discovers Bip, the presumed-dead onboard A.I. of wrecked pirate ship. Bip makes a proposal too interesting to refuse: help repair their ship-- the Runaway-- and get it back into space without alerting management or the authorities. Talita, Gillie, and Idrisah realize somewhere along the way that leaving on the Runaway might be a good idea for more than just Bip.

Three more books are planned after I finish this one, which will probably be in late 2025. I'm gonna be working in this for a while.


Currently, Runaway to the Stars is a work in progress. Pages can be read as they come out on Patreon, and later after they come out of the queue on my public webcomic site.


Chkbrr, a scud terrestrial researcher, has a fight with their sibling Rzzt-tt that results in them accidentally getting stranded in the desert. Chkbrr must survive until the next train can take them back to the ocean, and try to get their sibling to understand their need for trust and independence, despite their flaws.

Read the first 5 pages here.


Currently, Terranaut is a work in progress. The first 100 rough pages can be read on my Patreon.


On the pre-industrial avian homeplanet, a struggling diver community rushes out a shipment of lucrative cargo before a monsoon hits. There’s only one vessel fast enough for the job– the airsled, a cargo glider pulled by flying livestock. Overseeing the flight is quartermaster Vrazi, who's dragging their shy indentured servant Piawii along for the ride. Will Vrazi acknowledge that they're exploiting Piawii, or will the sled fall to keep their pride aloft?

Read the first 6 pages here.


The Scientific Method:

Actually a much older story project anything else here; Runaway to the Stars was originally created as a chronological ‘sequel’ to tSM (by several hundred years) but over time RttS became the primary story project for the universe and tSM became a short story.

It follows Karen, one of the first chimeric GMH to be produced in the USA; Elizabeth, Karen's genetic donor, mother, and lead designer; Louis, a young prodigy of A.I. software design and robotics; and Todio, Louis's intern employee. Louis and Elizabeth have a petty rivalry and constantly butt heads over the ethics of GMH and the practical applications of their research, while Karen and Todio have a budding romance.


Currently, The Scientific Method is not being worked on. (I am busy with RttS and Terranaut!)