Icon of the Runaway spacecraft


Bip is the pilot A.I. of the Runaway spacecraft, a 200 meter long vessel with twin z-point fusion engines and a spacious four-story habitat module. Bip has remote control bots or RV units, but they use these like limbs– their main "body" or locus of self is the Runaway spacecraft, and their "brain" is a server rig on the top floor of the habitat. They have a preferred screen avatar for talking to squishy sophonts, which is a 2D puppet animation resembling a bug ferret with humanoid/centauroid eyes.

They used to work as a smuggling ship with a crew of 10 centaurs, but after an incident Bip will only discuss in vague terms, the ship was damaged and sent to Ixion recycling plant for disassembly. After striking a deal with then Ixion employees Talita, Idrisah, and Gillie; the Runaway was repaired in secret and put back in commission as a fast-transit ferry vehicle– for legal goods, this time. At "current" time, Talita, Idrisah, Gillie, and Sirawit are crew.

Bip has a capricious personality and frequently makes a pest of themself to their crew, though it may be a front to hide their deep investment and care for their friends. Who knows? Bip certainly isn't one to give straight answers.

More art and comics of Bip can be found in their tag on my tumblr blog.


Model of the Runaway created by Lily Harper

Illustration of the Runaway created by Jacob Vett