Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Gillie Touati-Sharp

Gillie is a xenolinguist specializing in bug ferret languages, primarily BFL-2. She is a hedonist at heart and loves to get involved in mischief, though she’s prone to bailing when things go awry. She is constantly torn between loving attention and wanting to be seen as aloof and independent. Her hobbies include videogames, doodling, and captioning bug ferret television media.

Gillie is a genetically modified human with a congenital disorder that causes deafness and makes surgery for standard auditory implants risky. ASL is her first language and she uses it to speak to her friends and family. While Talita uses a modified version of ASL to speak to her, Sirawit is less fluent (and has significantly less than ten digits) and relies more on Bip and auto-caption apps to talk to her.

Gillie lives on the Runaway spaceship with Talita, Gillie, Bip, and Sirawit. She is married to Idrisah Touati-Sharp.

More art and comics of Gillie can be found in her tag on my tumblr blog.