Icon of the Runaway spacecraft


Guiomar a charismatic lawyer with loud taste in fashion who works in cases that involving GMH ethics and co-species accommodation. They occasionally hire Idrisah and Gillie for courtroom xenotranslation work.

At about 9 feet tall standing bipedal, Guiomar is the only person in the main cast remotely close to Talita in size. Guiomar is a unique GMH, but still technically an off-model like Gillie is– although Guio’s a bi-quad, they have unplanned gigantism. Their upright posture puts too much weight on their proportionally small feet, making it unreasonable for them to stand or walk bipedally for periods longer than a few seconds. Legally, you wouldn’t be permitted to make a GMH like Guiomar on purpose, designing obligate quadrupeds is considered unethical because human societies and ergonomics are very biased towards an upright body plan. Guiomar’s pretty jovial about their situation, but it's probably not a coincidence that they specialize in that area of law.

More art and comics of Guiomar can be found in their tag on my tumblr blog.