Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Idrisah Touati-Sharp

Idrisah is a Muslim xenolingiust who translates for avian alien languages, primarily Tiiliitian. She has a high-strung personality and is prone to spiraling into her own worries. In contrast is her fierce sense of justice, and thus those who wrong her friends find themselves subject to her intense wrath. Idrisah also has a soft spot a mile wide for cute animals (and people) and tends to get very sentimental over otherwise insignificant things. Her hobbies include cooking, stationary, organizing things in cute little boxes, and learning history (human and avian).

Idrisah lives on the Runaway spaceship with Talita, Gillie, Bip, and Sirawit. She is married to Gillie Touati-Sharp.

More art and comics of Idrisah can be found in her tag on my tumblr blog.