Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Shyam Joshi

Shyam is a heavy equipment specialist who runs a repair service and machining workshop on Naya Pradesh, a terraformed planet orbiting a star in a binary system. She’s from a clade of genetically modified humans that were designed for maneuverability and resource efficiency on microgravity spacecraft, her choice to work on-planet is considered unusual.

Shyam is soft spoken, but curt and bluntly honest, which sometimes gets her into trouble when she can’t tell what other people will interpret as rude behavior. Compounding the issue is her inability to intuitively read other people’s faces and moods. She is on the autism spectrum and has a compulsive need to fidget/stim; usually she does so with a spinner necklace. Her hobbies include machining and fabrication, carving and dremel tool artwork, and truck maintenance. She is a bit of a workaholic.

Shyam lives alone in a loft attached to her workshop, but is in a long distance relationship with Talita Dospaço.

More art and comics of Shyam can be found in her tag on my tumblr blog.