Icon of the Runaway spacecraft

Talita Dospaço

A painting of Talita Dospaço. She has a long flat face with a trunk, huge owl-like eyes, sharp beak-like teeth with small scales, and rectangular glasses. Her neck is long and tiger-striped; she is a anxiously rubbing the back of it with a four-fingered symmetrical hand. Her fingers end in slender hooves. She wears a collared shirt and sweater vest.

Talita is a socially anxious aerospace engineer and cross-species foster kid. She was left as an infant on the Nexus Jovia youth foster care facility doorstep in a cat carrier, and no one is certain of her origin. She has spent the vast majority of her life around humans and isn’t very familiar with her own species or their myriad of cultures. Talita hates talking about herself or being the center of attention, but will light up if asked about aerospace topics. Her hobbies include ripping apart old electronics and building new things, collecting and designing wind spinners, and bodybuilding.

Talita is the resident engineer of the Runaway, a torchship space ferry with two z-pinch fusion power plants. She lives with her crewmates Idrisah, Gillie, Sirawit, and the Bip the A.I. pilot. She is in a long distance relationship with Shyam Joshi.

More art and comics of Talita can be found in her tag on my tumblr blog.