Icon of the Runaway spacecraft


Turii is a college-age bright with the fortune of having a wealthy sponsor. Their patron is putting them through a business degree, which the intention that Turii will be a successor to their role as head of a large and very profitable interstellar shipping company. Sirawit is employed as Turii's personal assistant through the patron, and is the person making sure Turii doesn’t starve to death or get arrested at international borders for doing impulsive stuff like blackmailing the crew of a non-avian ferry ship (the Runaway) into giving them a last minute ride. Turii kind of treats Sirawit like furniture, and gets annoyed and jealous when the crew of Runaway immediately takes a liking to Sirawit for their sweet and unassuming personality.

More art and comics of Turii can be found in their tag on my tumblr blog.